Enable international knowledge and cultural exchange for youths through affordable peer-to-peer online education.


To promote accessible and quality education worldwide by connecting passionate youth-teachers with domestic and international students in need through our online platform and various academic and extracurricular programs. We devote ourselves to providing our teachers with a supportive and positive working environment, enabling them to develop leadership and interpersonal skills and to accelerate personal growth.


The idea for UstartTeaching (UST) began in 2019, when Ella, Emma and a few other youth-teachers traveled to an elementary school in China during summer break. The students there, having very limited access to education, only learned basic subjects such as Math and Chinese. They never had English, Science, Music, or Art classes because there weren’t any teachers around to teach them. The youth-teachers brought them their very first classes in these subjects. The students really enjoyed learning with the youth-teachers and everyone had a lot of fun. The principal herself even said that she has never seen her students so excited during class and showing this much interest!

Our youth teachers also gained a lot from this teaching experience. It was very exciting and rewarding to see their students holding up their first artwork, singing in English, or even answering correctly on a question!

Plans were being made to return the following summer when, in the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard. Virtual education became a part of students’ lives around the world. While challenges make people struggle, it also inspires new ideas. Elton, George, Ella and Emma, high school and middle school students who regularly participate in social services and are devoted to helping others, met to create a platform connecting passionate teachers with students, offering quality education through various academic and extracurricular programs. They believe that students know students best, and that virtual education is the most efficient way to help as many students as possible around the world.

Since its formation, many excellent youth-teachers have joined UST and are currently delivering English, Chinese, Science, Math, writing, and Public Speaking/Debate classes to students worldwide, including China, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United States.