• is an especially rewarding way to volunteer your time by helping other students improve their grades and become better people. It is also a fun and effective way to improve your interpersonal skills and enhance your own learning.

  • We are dedicated to working closely with you by providing:
    • Support from professional teachers, communication coaches, peer volunteers and other resources.
    • Training to improve your teaching, leadership and communication skills.
    • Teaching materials and resources.
    • A personal virtual classroom with 30 GB of cloud storage to keep all your teaching materials and service records safe.
    • An electronic portfolio recording of every hour you volunteered, service you provided and, most importantly, the impact you made.

  • UST is led by middle and high school students under the supervision of the adult advisory board. The UST leadership team aims to prepare you to become future leaders and entrepreneurs by providing various positions and opportunities.

All our teachers are current students with excellent academic records and have demonstrated great character.

They share a strong interest in teaching and carefully customize their classes based on their students’ needs.

Most importantly, our teachers try their best to inspire and set examples for their students.

As the saying goes, “Students know students best”!

Need help with math, writing, or AP courses? All our teachers excel in the subject they are teaching. An A-grade is a minimal requirement before teaching an academic course. Without doubt, they will help you get a better grade!
Want to study a foreign language from native speakers and get to know their culture? From English to Chinese, our teachers will help you open new language possibilities.
Getting tired of paying so much for extracurricular classes, or need help with practicing a musical instrument? Get help from our award-winning teachers for free!

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